Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dystopia Challenge gets logo!

You might have seen these around, on t-shirts and mugs and your mother's tea towels: they're a parody of the English WWII poster of 1939. Here's the original:

Here's a slightly more tense version, for use in case of swine flu or a Thursday morning hangover when you're due to sit a rat dissection exam:

But here's the big one, only for use when you spot the zombies on the horizon, the the mushroom cloud over New York--the end of the world becoming not nigh but now:

Hehe. In other words the Windows re-install I did wiped Adobe Creative Suite from my system and now I have to pilfer logos rather than make them myself.


  1. I loove the new logos! I want a t-shirt with those logos!!!

  2. Well now that you mention it...

    Unfortunately there's no "Stop Everything and Go Fucking Ballistic t-shirt. But there needs to be!