Monday, November 30, 2009

Dream blurbers

These are the authors that I fantasise about writing some pithy, admiring words to be splashed across the cover of Lharmell. If it sells. I'm on day eleven* of being on submission so the fantasies and neuroses are coming thick and fast.

  • Kristen Cashore. I loved Graceling. I just started Fire. I'm in awe. She got Tamora Pierce to blurb Graceling, lucky bitch.
  • Tanith Lee. Her Claidi journals books (book 1 Wolf Tower/Law of the Wolf Tower) are funny and dark, and probably the most similar to Lharmell for tone and sense of humour. The Black Unicorn trilogy is fantastic too. I love Lee's stuff for young adults, so I really must read Piratica.
  • Suzanne Collins. Oh, I would just die. Collapse like a Victorian woman with a spot of the vapours.
  • Isobelle Carmody. Fellow Aussie. Amazing fantasy writer.
  • And, of course, the high priestess of YA fantasy for girls, Tamora Pierce. I want to be Britney to her Madonna. But with less kissing.
Who do you blurb-fantasise about?

*Approximately. I want to email Ginger and say "When? EXACTLY when did you send out Lharmell? I want to sent a timer! Mark it on my calender! Obsess over each second!" but I fear that could be too neurotic-author.


  1. Aww I can only imagine what the waiting must be like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you because I WANT to read Lharmell (it's totally on my tbr list), and it would be awesome for you have that!! I agree with you about Suzanne Collins, I'd roll over and die.

  2. awesome for you to have excitement over the possible reading of your novel has left me incapable of typing words that make sense.

  3. I should really get to reading tanith lee AND tamora pierce. I meant to get some Tamora at the library and then totally forgot when i went the other day. i'm going to order some in now, me thinks.

    Great idea for a post by the way. My blurb choices:
    * I think I would seriously have a heart attack if Philip Pullman offered to slash something across the cover for me. Holy crap. I know thats aiming big but its MY BOOK.
    * Margo Lanagan. Ok, heartburst!
    * Shannon Hale - it would be so dreamy if she did. She's fast becoming a favourite.
    * Markus Zusak - holy crap again.

    I've really gotta stop this, its making me hyperventilate with enthusiasm.

    Speaking of which, I've been wanting to get back into my witchy ways so I might do a power/ persuasion/ enthusiasm spell in your honour - maybe it'll sway the critical publishers. Not that you need it, its just a safeguard :D

  4. do you know what really disappoints me - the angels are the new vampires thing! I've been writing this book way before that happened, but it does centre around a fallen now if i did get it published semi-soon, it would look like im just cashing in on the fashion, and if I left it, it would look like I'd missed the boat. Arrgh!

  5. Just a tad neurotic. Hang in there! Nathan Bransford said that when his book went on submission he freaked out after a week and he's an agent!

    Suzanne Collins. Yes, holy crap. Mary E Pearson. Cassandra Clare.
    My holy grail is Scott Westerfeld. OMG!

  6. My dream blurbs for my novel are E Lockhart, John Green and Laurie Halse Anderson since I write contemporary YA!

  7. Hehe thanks Frankie! I'm looking forward to yours too!

    Great choices Aimee. Tho I have a copy of The Book Thief I haven't read it yet. I need to talk to you about your book. I'm intrigued!

    Jade I read that on Bransford's blog and I thought HA! That would be right. Taste of his own medicine :D

    Dannie: I need to read some Gaiman. Shame on me.

    Laurie Halse Anderson's another great pick Daisy. She would definitely pen somehting pithy.

  8. Loved this post!! Your dream blurbs are fantastic - I hope things turn out well for your book, that would be awesome!

  9. Mine would most definately be

    Maggie Stiefvater
    Cassandra Clare
    Rachel Vincent

    But only in my wildest dreams. I doubt anyone would actually blurb my book if it ever did get published, and i'm okay with that, as long as it sits on someones shelves somewhere

  10. You've NEVER read Gaimen? Go wash your mouth out!

  11. Ooh. Those would be some damn good blurbs. Hey, if you need any proofreading, editing, help in that area, another pair of eyes, let me know. I worked as an English/writing tutor for 5 years, so things tend to stand out for me. (and I'm great at continuity. ^_^)

  12. Rhiannon I may be in the minority here but I found 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaiman to be a little overrated...and stardust was ok but not FANTASTIC. Next on my list is American Gods - if it isn't raveworthy...well let's just say three strikes and you're out, Gaiman.