Monday, November 16, 2009

In My Mailbox (11)

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I'm somewhat late this week, but I have a good excuse, honest. It was my birthday on Friday. Yup, Friday the Thirteenth. Unlucky for some. But not me! I had a lovely dinner with my friends and drank lots of margaritas.

Then on Saturday I attended the wedding of a school friend at Melbourne Town Hall--very schmick! We were ushered onto the balcony overlooking Swanston Street while the bride and groom had their picture taken, and served canapes and champagne while we "lorded it over everyone" from on high, as my friend Nick put it. We got our boyfriends looking very slick indeed. I even got dear Zap to tuck his shirt in, though he refused a tie on account of the hot weather.

Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street

Late on Saturday night we went to The Emerald Peacock for another friend's birthday drinks (though he turned up very fashionably late from Vue De Monde) and then on to Silk Road for a Pacha night. Sarah Main from Ibiza was playing and while I loved the gorgeous venue, I was pretty disappointed with the music (ultra commercial--remixes of the Kings of frigging Leon is NOT house music) the venue managment (drunk, trouble-making people should be kicked out) and the number of toilets for the ladies (TWO. Count them: TWO. I was in the queue for nearly an hour. There were about 600 people in the club.) They cleared the place at three because fights were breaking out. I won't be going back there.

The Emerald Peacock, Lonsdale Street

Silk Road, Collins Street

I spent Sunday afternoon in the Botanical Gardens for a friend's 23rd, which was a lovely way to finish the weekend. Not a lot of reading got done, as you might have guessed!

These are the books I got this week.

  • Rampant, Diana Peterfreund (bookstore special order)
  • Declarations of Independence: Empowered Girls in Young Adult Literature, Joanne Brown & Nancy St Clair (Amazon)
  • 101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die, Marsha Normandy & Joseph St James. Several suggestions are at a wedding (no, we didn't try it!) in a hot air balloon and while playing Second Life. Avatars need some fun too, it seems!
  • A Year of Writing Inspiration, Suzanna Male
  • The gorgeous black book on the left was made for me by my friend Sarah who is the graphic designer where I work. She's also a book binder. On the wrapping paper she wrote "Happy Birthday Fangbanger!" We're both loving True Blood and are obsessed with Bill Compton, and are having a Season Two binge next Sunday. Can't wait!
And I also got Battlestar Galactica and started watching it. Love it! So much better than the crappy crappy film I saw earlier in the year.


  1. Happy birthday to you and congratulations to your friend for getting married! It sounds like you had a great weekend.

    I <3 the re-imagined BSG! I have the first tv movie on dvd, as well as season 1-4, and Razor too. I also have the Baltar Origin comics. I just cannot help but to love Baltar. I am looking forward to the new series Caprica now that BSG is over.

  2. hmmm, the maragitas look tasty. I have seen the sex book before. I bought a copy for a friend once as a joke. Great mailbox.

    Elie (Ellz Readz)

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of some beautiful places. Lucky!

  4. Happy Birthday! and mmmmm margaritas! hope you enjoy our books! happy reading!

  5. battlestar galactica is the best! great scific drama!