Thursday, May 7, 2009


It's 5 am but I'm just too excited to sleep!

Isobelle Carmody would have to be one of my all-time favourite authors. The Obernewtyn Chronicles are some of the most amazing books I have ever read, and a must for YA fantasy lovers. Imagine my excitement yesterday when I found out that she's doing a talk on The Secrets of Writing Fantasy For Young Adults with Garth Nix. I mean, I don't remember her calling to ask me what I'd like her to talk about so she must have have picked up on my telepathic brain waves, a la Elspeth. Only problem is the talk is at the Sydney Writers Festival and I am in Melbourne, brokety-broke-broke. Is is TOO extravagant for me to fly up for the day? She'll also be at Reading Matters 2009 in Melbourne this month, but only for student events (unfair! unfair!) and conference goers (for the low, low price of $380. So you see, it would more economical for me to fly to Sydney for the day. Hmm, I wonder what the state of my frequent flyer points are...

But before I go wasting points that I really should use to see my family, I should check to see if the event will be podcast. *fingers crossed*

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