Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girl and the sea

In interviews I've seen lots of authors name the albums or artists they listen to as they write or even put together a play list of songs that "go" with their book. Now, the first part makes my mind boggle--listening to music while writing? Don't all the lyrics get in the way? Even if the music was instrumental it would probably still bug me! I prefer the sounds of silence. (Literally, not the Simon & Garfunkle ditty.)

I wouldn't go so far as putting a play list together, either, but I did notice one morning, while singing "Girl and the Sea" by The Presets in the shower, that the first three lines did freakishly mirror my main character: Tonight the hills are watching her, as she runs towards the sea, she runs so she'll be free. The rest of the song, no. But those three lines, totally! There are hills and seas and running aplenty in Lharmell, but you'll just have to wait till/if it's published to see what I mean!

I did think about having the lyrics as a sort of epitaph to the first chapter, but quickly decided it was naff and anachronistic. I saw my beloved Bowie quoted in much the same way and the book instantly got negative ten points and a big YOU DON'T GET TO from me.

So if I did do a play list, "Girl and the Sea" would be on it. And so would "Raised by Wolves" by Midnight Juggernauts. Just because it's dark and sexy. And we all need a little bit of that sometimes.

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