Wednesday, May 27, 2009

History is HILARIOUS! Plus Doll Damnation

This is just about as far as you can get from fantasy, but damn it's just so good!

A Short History of Nearly Everything is a fantastic book about the history of science and how scientists discovered the things they did--as well as very dryly and wittily describing some of their characters, theories etc. (Did you know Hubble, of Hubble telescope fame, for example, was a massive egomaniac and an inveterate liar? One wonders why he felt he needed to, as he was brilliant AND handsome, apparently. Men, hey.)

Bryson explains not just what we know about the Earth and our universe, but how we know it--which is a good question: how did we work out things like the weight of the earth and how old our universe is?

There's a YA tie-in here: the book has just been released in an abridged version called A Really Short History of Nearly Everything. And it has cartoon Bill Bryson. Cute.

I'm off to devour some more now...

And here are a few snaps from last night...the EXTRAVAGANZA! Lady Gaga is a total pop-culture junkie, and what a set of lungs! PCDs were suitably slutty. They even came out pole dancing at one point. Strippers with mikes, people, strippers with mikes...

Pre-Lady Gaga. That is the most awesome corset.

So my camera doesn't have the best zoom, but there she is on her cardboard cut-out set.

PCDs now. Look at them on their poles!! For heaven's sake, it's a bit much isn't it? The audience was mostly teenage girls!

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