Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stuff you, Aslan, I'm going back to Narnia

Book Two wordcount: 14,354 words. So you see, I got started without you.

This blog will document my attempt to get my YA paranormal romance trilogy published. I love YA. I stopped reading it when I left home at seventeen, thinking it was now time to put my toys away and move onto the big bag world of adult literarure. But STUFF YOU ASLAN! I'm going back to Narnia!

This year I'm completing my last unit of a Diploma of Arts at Melbourne's fabulous RMIT. The unit is Writing for Young Adults. And it's wonderful fun. Everyone is in their mid-to-late twenties or older, so it seems a lot of people are going back to Narnia!

I have to go op-shopping now and see my friend's new art deco apartment, and also get a big coffee. Too many vodkas on Gertrude St last night.

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