Monday, June 22, 2009

Lharmell Update: Agents, Synopses and Endless Cups of Chai

This is the week I pull together the last of the things I need before sending sending Lharmell off to agents. This morning I have been finishing synopses, not only for Lharmell, but for books two and three as well, The Harmings and Queen of Lharmell. I want to have these readily available if Lharmell gets requested. I've written about a third of The Harmings but I don't want to go too far with it in case a) editor-induced rewrites change the plot of book one in some way (I hope not though!) or b) it turns out to be a total flop and isn't picked up by anyone. Pray that the latter isn't the case!

I have a handful of agents who take on YA fantasy that I plan on sending query letters to for starters. My list is:
  • Kristen Nelson
  • Jenny Bent
  • Jim McCarthy
  • Jill Grinberg
  • Jenoyne Adams
  • Daniel Lazar
  • Fay Bender
  • Ethan Ellenberg
  • Zoe Fishman
What do you think of these? Am I missing any that you think I should include in my first round?

I'm off to make another black chai and put thing finishing touches on the synopsis of book three. Thank goodness I've switched from coffee as I can drink a million cups of chai and not get the shakes!



  1. There's probably something deeply wrong with me, but I skipped the agents bit and just started contacting publishers directly, and that's gone well so far. I write contemporary YA, though. So I have no idea at all about agents that take on YA fantasy.

    Good luck!
    (btw, I love the new background and header. Looks awesome).

  2. Thanks Steph! Nothing wrong with contacting publishers directly, but I'm aiming at the US market and the big houses don't look at unsoliciteds. You say it's going well for you. Do tell! What's been happening?

    (Thanks, I love my knew blog look too, and that I managed to work it out!)