Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'll never wash these eyeballs again!

Today I went to see Isobelle Carmody and Justine Larbalestier talk about the rules of invention--and then I got to meet them afterward and get books signed! I won't lie to you. I gushed.

That's Larbalestier in the middle and Carmody on the right. They were both such good speakers, describing how they came up with their worlds, what fantasy means to them and how they feel about their characters as they write them. The session was part of the schools program so there were lots of kids in the audience, including some from my old high school! I looked for one of my old English teachers but all the faces were unfamiliar.

I brought up with Justine how pleased I was about the new US Liar cover, and here's the "edit" she did for me on one of her promo cards :)

After I picked up a copy of The Stone Key and How to Ditch Your Fairy, I got them both signed! My first author autographs since I went with my mother to meet David Attenborough at the launch of The Private Life of Plants.

For those of you anticipating the release of The Sending, book six in the series, last I heard it was due out in February next year, but Carmody mentioned as she was signing my book that it will probably be later. She also mentioned an Australian tour to celebrate its release, and a masquerade ball! How do I get on that guest list?!

I just got home from seeing District 9. More on that tomorrow, plus thoughts on the trailers I saw for 2012 and Surrogates. Dystopian movies galore right now!

Today was a good day.


  1. You just made me SO excited with The Sending news! I am writing this comment with the last book right next to me and I am about 20 pages away from the end. I do not want it to end!! I shall eagerly await 2010 now. haha!

    How awesome that you were able to go to this event! And meet an author I have just discovered and fallen in love with. Oh, if only there was a Montreal, Canada tour!!

    PS - I won't listen to what you have to say about 2012!! *plugs ears* They showed that preview prior to Harry Potter (!!) and I was TERRIFIED! I do not deal with with end of the world movies. ;)

  2. Oh yay cant wait to hear what you thought of D9!

  3. Wow, you usually wash your eyes? That's kinda freaky ;)

    I met Justine at BEA and she was all kinds of cool. I just got a I. Carmody book in the mail and can't wait to get started!!

  4. Cat you read those books like greased lightening! I hope Carmody gets to Canada soon.

  5. Dang, I'm jealous!

    What was your fave take-away from the discussion? Any nuggets of wisdom you can share with us? :)

    Kelly from http://yannabe.com