Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, last night's film fest was as disappointing as last night's thunderstorm. A few flashes of lightening travelled half-heartedly past my window, followed by an intermittent shower or two and absolutely no wind to speak of. Ripped off!

I don't recommend either of the films I watched, and to tell you why I have to "spoil" them. They already spoiled themselves in my opinion, but look away if you're spoiler sensitive to Premonition or I, Robot.

We got cozy with some red wine and grilled chicken and watched Premonition first. It starts out amazingly well, very thrillerish and twilight zone, but ends with this bland "God wills it" message, just have a baby and get on with things. There was no bloody point to Sandra Bullock's premonitions at all, and the whole thing was very hit-you-over-the-head moralistic. Chasteness, duty and procreation. Blurrrrgh. I do love Sandra though.

I, Robot I had a similar reaction to: good beginning, bland middle, totally disappointing ending. Robots stage a coup on the human race. Why? Because this big, head robot thing, Viki, has calculated that the human race is annihalating itself through war, violence and a thorough trashing of the planet. Therefore she's going to take charge and see that we're all "safe", ie. chained to the walls or something. Will Smith saves the day, overthrows big, bad Viki and we're all FREE! Free to live without our robot overlords! Free to wage wars and be violent and continue to trash the planet! HURRAH! The end.

What a ridiculous message.

For a bit of sanity I shakily put Aliens in the DVD player. Sigourney Weaver is MAGNIFICENT, Michael Biehn is a Greek god and Bill Paxton is pure gold. "We're on an express elevator to hell, going down!" I could watch these films again and again. And I do.


  1. I agree - I think perhaps we should both read the book I, Robot, to get over the ridiculous mess made of the film.
    Everything Will Smith touches (I'm sorry to say this, cos he is gorgeous and a lovely person I'm sure) TURNS TO SHITE, IMHO.

  2. Haha! Love your little blurbs about those movie-watching experiences. I will watch Sandra though, even in a bad movie...I'm with you there. She's fabulous.

  3. Hey, How's it going?

    I haven't seen "Premonition", I thought it was a ghost film actually? Sounds like one of those movies where everything turns out to be a dream. I was eyeing it off but now I'll pass. Thanks.

    I didn't mind "I, Robot" but in my defense I haven't read the story and to be honest I am not a huge sci-fi fan but occasionally something grabs my eye like this. I don't mind Will Smith though he is hit and miss for me, and lately I am wondering what he is going to do with Hancock 2.

    Aliens rocks! (I am a fan of the first Species too). But unfortunately as you may already know, it's one of those films in the Hollyowood remake pile. The special effects were great back then, as with the current Predator Vs Aliens franchise.

    I am sure they can do some awesome CGI/alien creation. I just hope they go crazy on the H.R. Giger design, and I wouldn't mind if it's also a 'reimagining' the same was the new Star Trek was....sorry about the storm. Ours went out with a whimper up in Brisbane too.

  4. Yeah I hated Premonition too - it just seemed so pointless! As for I Robot - sorry got to say I really like it but I think that has more to do with Will Smith than the film for Aliens LOVE it! Do you prefer the theatrical version or the special (extended one)?

  5. Ugh I completely echo your thoughts, all around. PREMONITION sucked huge, fat donkey balls. I do love Sandra Bullock and will basically watch anything she's in...but this was awful. And I ROBOT I think has its merits - at least it does start really well and I maintain that Will Smith is a fantastic actor. Of course it is flawed, formulaic, and no where near as good as the source material, but I always expect that with Hollywood adaptations - especially in the realm of SFF.

    And as for ALIENS?? Bliss. My favorite of all the films. We need another SF on-screen heroine like Ripley. And what's even more awesome? The aliens from these movies? They STILL look awesome and realistic and scary. Now THAT is impressive.

  6. I agree about I, Robot. I loved the premise but then when I started watching it was (dare I say it?) boring and ultimately unrewarding. As likeable as Will Smith is, when he's in a film I feel like I know exactly where it's going from the outset.

    Aliens though... I love those films. Watching Alien at an outdoor screening in July (with an intro from John Hurt) was one of the highlights of my summer. If I weren't me, I might like to be Sigourney Weaver.

  7. Don't be too disappointed my dear...I have an award over at my blog for you, so come and get it!

  8. Ha ha. I love your reactions. I have not seen Premonition but read reviews that said it fell flat of what it could have been. I am not big on "hit-you-over-the-head-with-our-morals" movies if they are not for children. I am intelligent enough to figure it out for myself. I did not dislike I, Robot but I did not like it either. It was just sort of okay for me. I think Will Smith is a good actor though, even if he does make bad film choices sometimes trying to be the summer blockbuster guy.