Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Review Policy

As much as I adore arriving home to books in the post I have fallen woefully behind in my reviewing. I am not holding up my end of the implicit contract by reviewing these books so as of next week I won't be accepting review copies any longer.

Also, I feel sort of funny about having a book coming out and reviewing...I'm still working out these feelings. Bear with me.

I will still be reviewing books, but these I will have bought myself or borrowed from the library.


If you are an Australian YA speculative fiction author I am happy to be contacted if you're organising a blog tour or want me to review your book or interview you. In fact, contact me for a coffee, a chat, a hug!


  1. Rhiannon - I so get where you are coming from. I don't review books but I still feel guilty when I don't read a book that I've been sent - well I do read them but not always in a timely fashion.

    Btw, how awesome is this - I've just discovered that one of the young guys who works at the library with me on the weekend is a total sword geek (he owns 19 of them) and he also loves bows and arrows. He is seriously going to regret telling me all of this since I've already got a huge list of questions for him and think I'm going to try and wrangle some demonstrations as well.

  2. Oh my god! So yes! Jeez, I feel like flying over and doing a masterclass with him. I am sure I didn't research these things nearly enough.