Sunday, December 19, 2010

Carrie by Stephen King: A review in pictures

OK, white lie. One picture. But it's worth a thousand words, right? That's me on my friend's balcony in Sydney last weekend totally enthralled with Carrie. It was my very first Stephen King fiction read, and coincidentally the first book he ever wrote. And it became a bestseller. Spewing! If only all debuts were as successful.

It's easy to see, reading Carrie, why King's books are so popular. He's done all the hard work for you. Ticked all the boxes. Character, setting, plot. On a platter. All you have to do it eat it up. Perfect holiday reading. I devoured it in the hours between when I woke up and my five other friends did. I fail at sleeping in. I had no idea the above photo was being taken at the time either. It popped up on Facebook the other day and I was delighted.

What I liked best about Carrie was the way King used foreshadowing to build tension. From the very beginning you know that something terrible happens on prom night. That a lot of people are going to die. It's the how and why that pulls you onward, and the pull is very strong. For the squeamish, this isn't a horror novel. It's more a thriller, and the characters and subject matter make it a perfect YA read.

I loved Carrie. I resolve to read more Stephen King. Yesterday I borrowed The Stand from a friend. (And the film adaptation of Carrie.) What a tome. Wish me luck with that one.


  1. Make sure you don't miss Salem's Lot, The Dark Tower, or Four Past Midnight.

  2. Yay another SK fan is born! I love love love his work. Happy reading :-)

  3. Dark Tower, Dark Tower, Dark Tower, Dark Tower!
    It's the only thing I've ever really fallen in love with for King (generally, I don't read him), and it's beautifully done. GREAT dystopian world(s), very compelling, one of my all time favorites of any author. Beware, though, 7 books, so it is a commitment. But well worth it.

  4. I loved this one too, especially since it came out when I was a teen, then I watched the movie. I've loved his sinister slice at horror for years. Now as a writer I wonder how he deals with having all of these scary thoughts in his head...spooky.

  5. I promise I will try Dark Tower you guys! Next on the list!

    I started watching the film last night. SO good. Stephen King's head must be a weird place to be...

  6. oooh, nice. but I think I'm too scared for this book. ;)

  7. Stephen King is by far my favorite author of all time. Though I must confess to having read only a small selection of his works, I will get there eventually.

    My personal favorite so far would have to be "Hearts in Atlantis", but be sure to get your hands on a copy of "On Writing: a memoir of the craft". This is as much an enthralling read as any of his fiction.

    He sold paperback rights to Carrie for $400k, after almost giving up on an early manuscript. Absolute inspiration to keep on keeping on!!

  8. Brilliant! :) I like Carrie.