Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New House. Or, where to write?

I have moved. The past tense is rarely so sweet as when you have moved house. It is DONE. I have moved at least nine times in the last nine years. I have crossed the river so many times that I expected alarms to go off this time around. Inner Melbourne suburbs are divided by the Yarra River. There's the arty north, stuffed full of uni students, artists and veteran op-shoppers. Then there's the trendy, beachy south, populated by the tiny dog set. And never the twain shall meet.

The kitchen viewed from the living room. That's a six-burner hob. My brother practically swooned.

I have moved in with my brother and his girlfriend. We found a gorgeous renovated 1930s house with three bedrooms, a huge living area and open plan kitchen, two bathrooms and a deck. Hopefully that's enough space that we don't get in one another's hair. I haven't lived with my brother in ten years. Last time there was a lot of screaming. We've both mellowed since then. We're still as competitive as hell though. Over board games especially. Yesterday it was Scrabble and goddamn it if he was going to beat me at a word game. It was close, though. His girlfriend, who was also playing, remarked to him, "You play better when you're trying to beat your sister." My reply? "OH REALLY? SO MY MERE PRESENCE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU BETTER! MUA HA HA HA HA."

But the question is, where to write? In my flat I wrote at my dining room table. There just wasn't room in my bedroom. And besides, won't it start feeling like homework if I do it in my room? The last few days I've been writing in the study ... but it's a little cramped in there. When the weather turns chilly I might not have any choice but to write in the dining room as the ducted heating hasn't been installed yet and that's where the reverse cycle is. (All hail air-conditioning. I may only use it for a few days a year, but goddamn, I need it those few days. I detest being too hot or too cold.)

My bedroom, which is the biggest in the house as it hasn't been cut by an en suite. Love the original fireplace, even if it's only decorative.

The livingroom won't be any good, though, when people are up and about, talking and breathing and generally just being distracting. There's a hell of a lot of space in my bedroom, so perhaps I should install a desk and just suck it up if it starts to feel like homework?

Where do you write? Are you precious about it?


  1. I would write next to that fireplace- even if it is only decorative. I looooove mantles. I'm also swooning over your kitchen area. And those FLOORS! Gorgeous.

    Write somewhere with light. It'll make you happier. So stick that desk over there in the corner next the window and fireplace!

  2. I will second the write-next-to-the-fireplace vote :) Feels so cozy!

    I lived with my sister for a year a couple years ago, and it was MUCH better than when we were in high school, so don't worry. I bet you and your bro will get along fine :)

    PS I love your "Ceiling cat is watching you comment"! My bf made a paper ceiling cat and taped him over my bed so I see it when I wake up, lol.

  3. I LOVE your new house. You've set off my Melbourne envy.

    We have a 3 bedroom house, so I turned one of them into a study and I usually write in there. Although, it doesn't have heating/cooling so some times I end up in the dining room.

  4. I've converted the formal dining room (bah, who needs that) into an office for me, but in the winter I like to sit in the living room in front of the fireplace.

    I'd turn a corner of your room into an office and set up a few candles in the fireplace. Cozy and so not like a bedroom.

  5. LOVELY!! So jealous of your bedroom! Oh...how pretty...

  6. I am quite envious of your decorative fireplace. You should play up the "warm and cozy winter night in an overstuffed armchair by the fire" theme and make your room moodily dark and right in that overstuffed armchair by the fire ummm where would your bed go oh hells you don't need one who needs a bed!


  7. Congrats! And good luck with the brother (may you win all the word games).
    I'd say writing anywhere that is open to traffic may not be the best bet, so you may have to go with your room. But it's probably one of those things you're just going to have to feel out as you live there and grow to know the house.

  8. Your new house looks beautiful, congratulations!

    It can be really difficult to find the perfect spot to write, especially when living with others. That fireplace is really appealing though!

  9. That's a LOVELY fireplace! If you're allowed to burn candles, you might try putting a raft of them in the fireplace for a warm glow.

  10. Goodness - sibling rivalry over Scrabble! Mind you, about 10 years ago I was at my brother's house in London and we had a game of croquet on the lawn with his kids. After about 10 minutes the kids walked off and left us too it. We used to play as kids and I always won. Tim thought he would have the upper hand due to lots of recent games - but my old skills were still there, albeit rusty, and I managed to scrape home. The other adults were stifling gales of laughter watching the two of us apparently!