Thursday, March 3, 2011

5:51 am, March 3, 2011 or, Tivali the Motivational Kitten

5:51 am

Me: Mmfffff. Sleep in today.

Kitten: *bounce*

Me: Go away

Kitten: *purr* *prod*

Me: snuh...piss off

Kitten: [worms under the covers; deploys claws]

Me: Yah! [Hurls kitten out of the room]


5.57 am




Kitten: [shoves favourite toy in my face; rings bell over and over]

Me: Kitten from heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell. You've been watching Simon's Cat, haven't you? Little beast...

Kitten: *tinkle*

Me: [Gets up; slings kitten under one arm, laptop under the other]

[Kitten gets fed. I write.]



  1. Nice of her not to play with the wool. NOT nice of her to wake up poor human! ;-)

  2. hmm this sounds very familiar. all you're missing is the part where you take the kittens toy from him/her and put it in your nightstand, then wake up shortly thereafter with the night stand drawer open and toys strewn across you on the bed. And a very self satisfied kitten with an I-told-you-so look on her/his face.

  3. Your kitten's brother owns me. He does the jingle toy thing about 4am. I've locked him out of my room at night. Good luck.

  4. They're not dumb are they, these cats.

  5. Definitely not dumb!

    But wait 'til you have children and get to change smelly nappies at 4am before you think a playful kitten is a problem.


  6. haha, having a furry baby is such good preparation for having a human baby! adorable :-)