Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Essentials

Winter approaching means two things. The first is being cold. For some reason I have an aversion to buying winter clothes and I end up in the same sad jumpers year after year. It's partly because good winter clothes are so damn expensive, and partly because staying home on a cold day is far more attractive than hitting the shops. I always end up cold and fed up with myself by the end of July. NOT THIS YEAR. I have discovered how economical and convenient buying clothes on eBay can be. Recently I have bought a Saba Merino wool wrap-around cardie and a Zara Woman wool cashmere coat, both near new. $100 combined. Including delivery.

I wish it was as easy to buy boots but I have dicky feet so it must be done in store. I need a 10.5 in a wide-ish style, but usually have to settle for an 11 and an extra sock on my left foot. I was told by one store that they "no longer do elevens" (footist--I was ecstatic a few years ago when elevens started becoming the norm. Don't tell me they're beginning to change their mind.) I went from one store to the next, alarmed at the ridiculous heels or the painfully ugly flats. I didn't realise the Madonna/whore dichotomy extended to footwear. Finally I found these wedges in Joanne Mercer, ordered them in black and got the hell out of there.

The second thing that winter approaching means is the 2011 Dystopia Challenge. I can't believe this will be its third anniversary! I'll have lots of new titles to choose from, plus some classics as well. Maybe I'll finally get to The Sheep Look Up. Such a fantastically creepy title. And speaking of dystopian, did you hear that a prequel/sequel to Blade Runner is in the works? Personally I think this is revolting, can never work and they should leave well alone. Why can't they find a good screenwriter, a good script and make that movie instead of mining the classics for a cheap buck?


  1. Hey your blog got all changed! I was so confused when I opened the page and thought I clicked on something else. ha!

    I am a winter person, but this time of year I just cannot wait for winter to be OVER. I want green grass and flowers even though my allergies will be so bad I'll have to put an icepack on my face. ;) I don't know how I'd do with winter without snow though. As you come into fall I'll be in spring, wish us well ;)

  2. I can't imagine a winter WITH snow! I would die, surely, with my lack of appropriate attire.

  3. At least you have a choice on boots. Try to look for good winter boots, for snow and everything, as a guy. Awful. Believe me.
    Glad you found ebay, though.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  4. For the Dystopian challenge, you really should include "Stand on Zanzibar" by John Brunner - I think I have recommended it before.

    I didn't know you had odd feet! Most people's are not exactly the same size(my left is bigger than my right), but not that much!

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