Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alack, Alas and Woe Is Me

Why? Why should I be clutching at my breast and wailing fit to fill a moor? Because I'll be out of the country for Kristin Cashore's Melbourne events.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Cashore is one of my favourite fantasy authors. It's hard enough waiting for the release of Bitterblue (this year? Next year? Who can say!) without getting the chance to gush at the woman for thirty seconds while she signs my books and hear her speak. New York better be worth it, that's all I can say.

Cashore's two Melbourne events:
  • ‘In conversation’ at the Readings State Library of Victoria bookshop, as part of the Readings Matters Conference, Friday 27 May @ 5pm, State Library of Victoria.

  • Going Global, The Emerging Writers’ Festival, Saturday 28 May @ 11am, Town Hall Melbourne.

I'll be going to Cassandra Clare's event the evening of the 25th of May in Westgarth, however. RSVP here on Facebook. It's the night before I fly out. Maybe it'll give me motivation to, you know, READ HER BOOKS.


  1. Boo for you! But yay, thank you for posting about Kristin Cashore's Melbourne events. I am off to investigate now!

  2. I must get to FIRE. Thank you for the reminder. And what a bummer to miss Kristin Cashore!

  3. Oh no! I feel your pain. Melina Marchetta was in new York the week after I left the US - it killed me :(

    Enjoy the Cassandra Clare event.

  4. I am envious Marg!! If you go you must tell me all about it.

    @Caroline & Alexa *waiiiiil* It sucks missing favourite authors doesn't it! Hope you enjoy FIRE Caroline.

  5. That sucks.

    As for Clare, I prefer the Infernal Devices to the Mortal Instruments.

  6. I've heard that too Livinia! I have both book ones on my shelf so I will try each.