Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Lieu of an Actual Post...

here is a Lolcat.

It's sort of relevant. My heroine, Zeraphina, shoots a bow and arrow in Blood Song. She's pretty nifty with it too.

I will pen a proper post shortly, but until then let me just say THE EDITS ARE DONE! I posted them back to Random House today. Wheeeeeeee! I pity the poor typesetter who has to make sense of two rounds of my scrawl and two editors' mark-ups. And all my see-copy-outs. That second edit had eight--EIGHT--pages of text to be added in all over the manuscript, three or four lines at a time.

That's also the first time I have mentioned the title on this blog. Yep, Blood Song. It has a series title too. I'll reveal that and the release date...shortly. And then there will be a cover not long after. It's so pretty. Zeraphina looks exactly like I imagined she would.

I'm busy planning the launch right now. DJ is booked. "Booked" as in "Hey buddy, wanna DJ my party cos you're super awesome?" It's probably going to be the first book launch with a house DJ, but dammit, the author likes house music!


  1. Congrats on finishing your edits! Looking forward to seeing the cover :-)

  2. In honour of your release date (when you announce it) I shall eat many fantasy-related things - stew, mead, hunks of cheese and bread.

    I should probably be the only Canadian to get an ARC, just saying. At least an ARC of those final Obernewtyn books you're writing for me. =P


  3. Congrats! Seems like exciting times indeed.

  4. So exciting! Sounds like it's going to be a fun launch :)

  5. Thanks all!

    And you bet, Cat! Gotta support the Canadian fan baser. ie. you hehe :D

  6. AWwwwwww! Your book is coming! And it has a title! I am off to see if I can add it to my 'to read' shelf on GoodReads. Congrats, by the way - can't wait to read it!