Friday, July 15, 2011

Out and about in Batmania

Did you hear Justine Larbalestier on Twitter talking about how Melbourne was almost called Batmania? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE. John Batman founded Melbourne way back when it was a colony.

Last night I ventured out on the town for the first time since coming back from my holiday, for the launch of Dirty Granny Cider at Thousand Pound Bend. With extreme crochet. Just when you thought there was nothing cooler than Batmania!

The cider was pretty awesome too.

I love my city, even when it is frakking cold.

*happy sigh*


  1. Extreme crochet!?! Very impressive. Must tell my sister, who crochets. Yes, I'd heard about "Batmania". Did you also know that John Batman was a bounty hunter? True! I discovered this when researching the most over-the-top stories I could find for my children's book on crime in Australia and HAD to put that one in. He captured a Tasmanian bushranger, Matthew Brady, who was something of a Robin Hood character, and who got fan mail and presents in prison before he was hanged. This was before Batman cheated the local indigenous folk and founded Melbourne. Don't you love history? You couldn't make up this sort of stuff!

  2. @Sandy I KNOW.

    @Sue I didn't know that about Batman! Ah, our seedy past...

  3. batmani is SUCH an awesome name for a city O.o

    plus, that bike. <3

  4. Well, it's not quite as good as being called Batmania, but Melbourne does have a Batman Avenue.

    When I moved from the UK to Melbourne and saw that on the map I nearly died laughing - until it was explained to me about John Batman.