Friday, September 21, 2012

Launch Date and Review Copies: Possessing Freedom

If you can’t see yourself, how do you know you exist?

Melbourne, Australia: 2026

Alice Travers, 17, is stuck in a psych ward. When she discovers her imaginary friends are ghosts, and that some of them are not so friendly, things get complicated.

Told in 12 short stories by four authors, Possessing Freedom plays out a supernatural thriller for Young Adult readers through 6 interlinked point of view characters.

This is Possessing Freedom, the new YA ghost novel I've been working on with Beau Hillier, Belinda Dorio and Steve Rossiter, and it's out Monday September 21, worldwide as an ebook and locally in paperback.

Review Copies
Do you like ghosties? Do you like psych wards and violent possessions? Who doesn't? If you're a blogger, review copies are available from the publisher Steve and can be requested via email. Best thing is, they're available worldwide, just like the book will be. Hurrah!

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