Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Big News

Actually, there are several bits of news. Many newses! And they all make me very excited and happy. There is book news, professional news and personal news. Not too personal. We don't want to get all TMI here. But these bits of news are all INTERRELATED. I don't know where to start. The news that affects you guys the most? The romantic news? (No I'm not getting married; nor am I pregnant. Ew. Sorry, parents.) The newest news? Perhaps I should begin at the beginning, continue until the end and then stop, as the caterpillar said. Or was it the walrus...

As you can imagine, especially if you're a writer or other breed of creative person, working full time and creating in your spare time is not a big maker of the happies. Waking up with an idea for a longform journalistic piece examining people's perceptions of free speech and the legal ramifications when high profile murder cases are discussed on social media and then having to put it aside because you have work and a novel and yet more novels to work on can bring tears to your eyes. I'm not using hyperbole here. I actually did well up.

I said a long, long time ago in my Dear Agent posts in 2009 I spent as much time learning how to query agents and then subsequently querying them as I did writing Blood Song. And since then I have spent that time writing the novel over again doing publicity work. Ergo, the time I have for writing these days is only spent in actual writing about a third of the time.

Gosh, this is coming out as some sort of mega whinge. What I'm trying to do is paint a picture about why I've made a certain decision.

But first.

When I started seeing my adorable, gorgeous, wonderful partner nearly a year ago (happy anniversary for the 29th, sweetheart) I said straight out that I wanted to live overseas in 2013. At that time my intention was to move to Edinburgh. It is a UNESCO City of Literature, like Melbourne is, and I could see myself in some grotty little garret, immobilised by sleet and rain and wind and social deprivation, glued to a laptop and pounding out delicious chapters. The brief respite of he the Scottish summer might--between showers--bring about some frolicking. But then it would be straight back to the laptop.

Fast forward through some squishy couple stuff, the oh-my-you-want-to-travel-toos, the where-could-we-be-happy stuff. Edinburgh was quietly put aside. (A friend of a friend ranting at me at Horse Bazaar at 2am about how goddamn depressingly awful Scotland is and what was I THINKING may have swayed me a tiny bit.)

I spent my time off this year with a girlfriend in the islands of Thailand, and then visiting another girlfriend who has settled in Phnom Penh with her French boyfriend and had a baby. (How's this for a pedigree: little Jaya is French-Canadian-Japanese. He is stunningly adorable and will probably be fluent in six languages by the time he's out of nappies.) I love, love, loved Phnom Penh. More on that in the coming weeks.

My first piece of news is ... I quit my job this week. My last day of work will be December 28.

My second piece of news is  ... I am moving to Phnom Penh with said partner. He's spent quite a bit of time travelling through SE Asia, but he's never been to Cambodia. Nevertheless, he's agreed to give it a try with me. How awesome is he?

And now some book news. That's what you've all come here for, right?

This news concerns people living outside Australia. From November 11, the ebook version will be on sale everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. If you want it in English, it's all yours.

Did I say the ebook version? I mean BOTH ebook versions. Blood Song and Blood Storm will be available electronically in all territories, courtesy of Random House Australia.

But wait! There's more. If you're in Malaysia, Singapore or the UK, hard copies will be appearing shortly too. And if you're in the US ... well, the most I can say is soon.

How soon?

AND. If you're in Singapore or Malaysia, I'm going to be travelling through there in January and I plan to get to, at the very least, Kinokuniya, and try to sign copies.(Not all bookstore let you sign copies. Readers Feast in the city has two copies of Blood Storm by they remain, sadly, unsigned.)

A huge thanks to my publisher Zoe at  Random House Australia for taking on the distribution for the Lharmell books. Now when I get emails from far-flung corners of the globe I will be able to reply YES. Yes you can read the books!


Blood Song and Blood Storm have overseas distribution; I've quit my job and I'm going to SE Asia to write for a while. I KNOW. I can't believe it either.


  1. Yah! So excited about this. I keep recommending this when people ask for a YA Game of Thrones and now they can get it overseas!

  2. That is a big bunch of news and it's all wonderful stuff!!!!! You are literally taking over the world and I know you will do with style!!!!

  3. You can’t leave Melbourne until I get Blood Storm signed for Gail!!!!!!!!

  4. so awesome! i've been waiting for blood storm to be released electronically in the US >.< *actually i was hopping paperback, but ebook will do for now :) Congrats on moving ! :D

  5. That is all very exciting! Congratulations!

  6. OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTION!!!! *dances* *throws confetti*

    CAMBODIA?! Awesome!

    Many many hugs!!

  7. Awesomesauce x 10. Seriously SO EXCITED about the available everywhere ebook thing *fistpump from the other side of the world and over the equator*, as well as all the marvelous, new adventures you'll have in Cambodia :)

    Congrats! What amazing news :)

  8. Yay! I only just asked u a few days ago when will it come to uk and now its like a wish granted, 2 weeks, yay!!

  9. Congratulations on being in a position to quit work to write and travel. Best of luck in Phnom Penh. :)

  10. Wow! What an exciting opportunity for you both!

  11. Actually it was the March hair that said "start at the beginning and when you get to the end stop." but that is beside the point. I am loving your books.

    One other thing i have gotta know "though dangers untold and hardships unnumbered i have fought my way here to the castle past the goblin city to take back the child that you have stolen." Gotta know are you a Labyrinth fan? because if you are you gotta be a Dark Crystal fan as well?

    PS. Love the books and I am dying for the third book.

  12. !Thanks for your excitement all!!

    Anon: I am most definitely a Labyrinth fan. I do like The Dark Crystal too but Labyrinth is definitely my favourite of the two. Thank you for your kind words about Song and Storm :D

  13. That is fantastic news! What an exciting time for you and your partner. Kinokuniya is one of my all time favourite book stores. When I am in Singapore it is a must stop for me, seriously if I had a choice between the zoo and that bookstore in SIngapore it would be a hard fought battle.

    Gosh if you wrote Blood Song and Blood Storm while distracted as you worked full time then I am not entirely sure I can survive book 3 or book 4 (I am assuming book 3 was written while you were still working?).