Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blood Queen, London and Life

You look away for FIVE MINUTES and suddenly nearly a whole year has gone by since you updated your blog. It was around this time last year that I started working for a publishing house instead of writing full time (it was nice while it lasted, but was always going to be temporary) and then LIFE just took over.

I moved house twice. The flat I share with my partner has a second bedroom in which I can write. There's also a balcony with potted flowers and squirrels that come up for nuts. I love it here.

Last week's blossom 

I visited Prague and Paris. Both of these cities were just gorgeous. Prague was atmospheric and gothic, and it was a beautiful sunny autumn day when we visited, and we walked and walked and WALKED. Paris was freezing cold and I was a little unwell, but we had very glam digs in Le Marais and saw lots of art, ate lots of food and bundled up warmly.


Versaille, just outside Paris

I wrote two books. Both were rejected -- yes, published authors get rejected too. I think I'm suffering from dreaded Second Book Syndrome. If you count the Lharmell trilogy as one book. But hey-ho, rejections only make you stronger, and keep you from getting cocky. 

I got burgled :( I can't stress this enough, BACK UP YOUR WORK. Sigh. I lost about 20,000 words of Blood Queen which, as you may have noticed, has put back the publication date to August. I used to very sporadically back up bits and pieces of projects but now I am using a cloud system that automatically backs things up. Automatic is good!

I flew home to Australia for my brother's wedding. OH GOSH BEAUTIFUL. What an amazing wedding it was, and it was so much fun being in the bridal party. 

The bride with a herd of deer

Me in my wedding get-up

This year I have more travel planned, more writing, more blogging and of course ....

The release of Blood Queen!

Happy Easter all.


  1. All right for some, eh? ;-) For the rest of is, LIFE is getting up at 6 or earlier and heading for the same workplace...Too bad about your rejections, but it happens to everyone who isn't a massive NYT bestseller. And even they are always having to worry about whether people will say, "Oh, yes, but not as good as his/her last book." It scared Harper Lee enough not to write any more novels after To Kill A Mockingbird was a huge success. Paul Jenning wrote a serious YA novel which he sold because he was Paul Jennings, but it was a flop because no one wanted serious Paul Jennings(for the record, it was good - if anyone else's name had been on the cover, it might have done better). You've sold a trilogy which must be doing okay or they wouldn't be publishing them all, so that's enough for you to try someone else. Do it. RHA is not the only publisher in the world.

  2. Now that I'm working I have to get up at the crack of dawn like everyone else too! I just have to be more disciplined about getting in the writing time ...

  3. Super excited for the next book. Can't believe you got burgled and lost all that work. Remember to do the same with photos back then up to at least 3 different drives and print a copy. You look lovely for the wedding!