Monday, May 19, 2014

Jane Austen and the Guinness Book of Records

You know what doesn't happen enough? Wandering around Bath dressed in an empire gown and bonnet and pretending it's 1810.

I just found out there's going to be two attempts to break the most Lizzie Bennett (and Mr Darcy) wannabes all in one place, and one of them is going to be this September in Bath.

I think I have to do it. I'll look a right wally by myself because I think I'd struggle to find someone to do it with me in a country where I *do* know a lot of people, let alone here. But then everyone will be looking fabulously silly anyway. It sounds too delicious not to do it.

I'll want to make my own gown and accessories so I'll have to beg or borrow a sewing machine from someone. This pattern has a lot of good reviews:

I can see it in a textured cream-coloured fabric, or perhaps something sprigged, with a paisley shawl, teeny reticule and a bonnet. I would love to get the man done up a la Wentworth, but feel that getting him into silk stockings might stretch the relationship.

If you're planning on going, let me know and we can look fabulously silly together!


  1. Surely you significant other would make a dashing Mr Darcy - wet shirt scene?

  2. I got that one when Conflux was hosting a Regency dinner. I am not much good at sewing, not by machine anyway, and found it very difficult. It's still sitting in about a hundred pieces in my craft bag. Fortunately, I have a couple of long dresses that could be adapted with a ribbon under the bust, but I only recommend this pattern if you have made clothes before and ave a machine. Otherwise, get a long dress, a ribbon and a shawl. I bet a lot of others'll do that.

  3. PS Sounds like a fun event. Go for it!

  4. I'm not too bad with a sewing machine, so I'll give it a go!