Friday, January 23, 2015

Three special announcements about Blood Queen

I'm very pleased to let you know not one or two, but THREE exciting things about Blood Queen.

The Format

Blood Queen will be available internationally in eBook format. Not everyone enjoys reading digital books, though, and Blood Queen has such gorgeous artwork (it's the same artist that did the Blood Song art) that I'll be releasing book three as a PAPERBACK for online order. 

The Release Date

I know Goodreads has been driving some of you up the wall. Blood Queen is in it's final stages and it will for sale to read in a matter or weeks. 

The Blurb

After losing Rodden at the last Turning, Zeraphina is alone. Or she would be, if her mother and Prince Folsum would leave her in peace. The prince, blind in one eye after an attack by Zeraphina’s brant, has taken up residence in her home and is insisting she marry him. When an accident happens, Zeraphina flees – straight into the arms of a waiting harming.

Now a captive, she discovers she’s being taken to Lharmell. But not to be executed. To be crowned queen. The identity of the one who has given the orders is shrouded in mystery, and Zeraphina can’t help but be suspicious. After everything she’s done the Lharmellins should want her dead. Just who is awaiting her in Lharmell?

I'm excited. Are you excited?

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