Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hurry, we can CASH IN!

I thought Pride & Prejudice and Zombies was a pretty funny idea. I also thought Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was funny too. Why not have a sequel? I mean, this Abe Lincoln one's at least going to require some original material, so Seth Grahame-Smith's gonna have to really work for his buck this time. Well, good on him for getting a second book option. But what did I see in a bookshop the other day? Sense & Sensibility and Seamonsters. *Groan* Can you say milking it? Captain Wentworth isn't even at sea in S&S, he's returned. No one's at bloody sea. Where are they going to put the sea monsters?

And what do I see on Bookshelves of Doom today? A link to this post about the Beatles being zombified. The title: Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion. *double groan* That's a pun on the "Paul is Dead" you hear when you play Sergeant Peppers backwards or something.

But wait, THERE'S MORE! Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter and I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas. All out this autumn. Doesn't it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that some bright spark in a publishing house somewhere is taking someone's clever idea and just driving it into the ground in order to squeeze every last freaking drop of cash that they can get out of this cow before anyone can say "exploit"?

And now THIS. A few months ago I read somewhere that French Twihards were going nuts for copies of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte because Bella likes it or something. I don't know, I only read Twilight and that was enough for me. Now look what's appeared at lightening publishing speed. For those of you who can't read it, the little red starburst says "Bella and Edward's Favourite Book". Does everything that has anything to do with this insidious series be Twilightified? I'm sick of black, red and white covers! I'm sick of all this shameless cashing in! Not only is it tasteless but it's disrespectful to the authors who came up with the ideas and writing in the first place, and I'm including Seth Grahame-Smith, Stephenie Meyer and especially Emily Bronte in that statement. Because you can bet that it's not the writers sitting around wondering how they can cash in these books from every possible angle.

(I got this cover from Bloody Bookaholic who got it from A Flight of Minds. Check out their flabbergasted posts and many flabbergasted comments.)


  1. ARRRGH!! I so know what you mean.

    And I couldn't even stand Pride, Prejudice & Zombies to begin with.

    You ahve broken my ehart with the news that Edwrad and Bella have set out to taint the world of Wutheirng Heights...broken my heart truly. I will not rest until Stephenie Meyer has paid for what she has done to the literary world!

  2. But before I do that I won't rest until Ive paid penance for the amount of typos in that comment. HEEEHEE

  3. Oh. My. Freaking. Lord.

    I cannot believe the new cover for Wuthering Heights, all Twili-fied. SERIOUSLY?!?!? To quote Mugatu, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! That sound you hear? It's a zombified Emily Bronte trying to climb out of her grave for vengeance (great, that probably sparked an idea for another book out there somewhere - "Withering Bites - Bronte's Revenge!")

    *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

    As for the rest of the zombie parody news, I guess it's to be expected since Mr. Grahame-Smith's P&P&Z was so successful, but would it kill folks to come up with something original for a change? It's like all these insipid movie remakes. Come on, people.

  4. Hehe, Withering Bites. I know girls, it's pretty gobsmacking. Let's hope this edition dies a slow death and doesn't spark a graphic novel with Edward and Bella as Catherine and Heathcliff or something...

  5. To be honest does it really matter what the cover look like? I think if it means that lots of new young readers get to read one of the most romantic well-written story's ever told then what's' the harm? Why do you think Stephenie Meyer wrote her books? Yes, it was to see her books in print and to share her story with the world, yada yada, but also to make money - she sold the rights for movies didn't she? I don't see why's there's so much fuss.

  6. Absolutely that's why Meyer wrote her books--but you can be damned sure this edition of Wuthering Heights wasn't her idea. I rather think it's cheapening Bronte's work to have it repackaged in this way--as a way to make a quick buck.

  7. i hear you. although i love a good parody and mash-up, where do we draw the line? i must admit i'm going to indulge in s&s&sea monsters and jane bites back.

  8. I can't believe the Wuthering Heights cover! Omg!

    I think its pretty though- but just to be like Twilight is SO not cool!

  9. I am totally with you on the zombies and werewolves and seamonsters 9I think there are sea monsters anyway...) I feel Jane Austen must just be rolling in her grave.

    However - in this instance, it looks like a classic has been brought forth in the teenage minds as cool to read... and since it does not appear they have actually changed the book, just the cover... maybe people who would not normally have read this beautiful piece of work... now will.