Monday, September 14, 2009

More TOMORROW movie news and more...

In a recent review of Tomorrow, When the War Began I mused about the identity of the invaders. I can fully appreciate why Marsden kept this ambiguous--he didn't want anyone using his books to justify their own racial prejudices. It didn't occur to me until now how they would portray the invaders in the film.

On Q&A the other night Marsden revealed that the producers had decided that they're going to keep the race of the invaders ambiguous. I imagine this will be a tad harder to do in images than it was in words. Former West Australian premier Geoff Gallop remarked that "I don't think John can escape from the politics of this." The gods only knows why we care that an ex-premier of WA can point out the bleeding obvious, but it's an ABC show and they do love their politicians. Gallop's probably gleeful that it's someone other than a polly in the political hotseat. But besides, it's out of John's hands now. He's been handling the "politics" of these books for a decade with aplomb. It's up to the film team to pull off racially unidentifiable invaders. Good luck to them.

Two more female leads have been cast, Ashleigh Cummings, 16 (left), and Phoebe Tonkin, 19.

I'm guessing Cummings will be Fi, cos she's so sweet and small and all, which leaves Robyn or Corrie for Tonkins. (I'm thinking Corrie, the BFF, though Tonkins does rather look like Kaitlin Stasey, who will be playing Ellie.)

I wish they'd hurry up and announce Homer! He is, of course, my favourite. Big-time crush on him when I was in high school. It's a bit weird now, me being 24 and all, but I feel NO qualms about crushing on boys in books. Real 16 yos, now that's another question...but I can't wait to see who they pick anyway!

In less dystopic news (unless you're Scott Westerfeld/Aldous Huxley/concerned about opiates of the masses) America's Next Top Model has spawned a spin-off series.

Destined for greatness, I'm sure. (By the way it was Karl Marx who originally said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses". I always thought that the quote was "Television is the opiate of the masses", but that's just a modern take on it!)

While I'm in the mood to be snarky, can I tell you how much I *adore* the vacant, oversexed promo shots for The Vampire Diaries?


Lastly, I watched the entire season two of Dexter yesterday. I definitely liked it more than season one and I'm starting to see why people are raving on about it so. It didn't reach "rave" levels for me, but the voice-overs only made me wince ten percent of the time and couldn't turn it off. One thing that did annoy me was all the women are so frigging NEEDY and my lemonade bottle had to be tossed at the screen a few times. But I got over it. Dexter's just such a cutie-cute.


  1. OMG Homer better be manly and pretty. He's the favourite character for my class so they will be horrified if they stuff up the casting.

  2. Yes QUITE. With curly hair and a big schnozz. (Which is slang for NOSE!)

  3. I showed them the picture you provided and they were so-so. I can tell they are TWWB loyalists :)

  4. I watched vampire diaries last night (d/l'd it) and I loved it.

    so going to read the books now.

    Thank you LJ, for bringing back the best kind of teen trash :D

  5. LOL. Those Vampire Diaries promos make me giggle.

    But HUZZAH! for all the TOMORROW news :) I'm excited. And double HUZZAH! for Dexter!!! I totally understand your frustration with the neediness of the ladies in the show especially in season 2 (oh my GOD did I hate Lila *gags* and the new police captain - but I love how twisted LaGuerta is). Keep watching! Season 3 is my favorite by far, and there are two strong female characters (Ellen Wolf and Maria LaGuerta in a non-bitch role) worth watching ;) And Deb steps up too - I like her a lot in general, but s3 shows a lot of growth, at least IMO.

    Dexter/Michael C. Hall is so on my List. He's so adorable and wonderfully dark. That's not weird, is it?

  6. Just read book one of Marsden's Tomorrow series a couple weeks ago and am getting ready to go to book two here. When I saw that a movie was in the works I was immediately excited....then immediately deflated as I imagine it's arrival in the States is a long time coming. Grrrr