Friday, June 5, 2009

No don't tell me! *covers eyes*

Does any one else love reviews and blog topics about their most anticipated books, but then can't bring themselves to read them?

How do I know which books I'm excited about then, you ask? Well, sometimes they're the second in a series, like Catching Fire, but sometimes I've just seen a cover, read a tidbit of blurb and fallen in love, like Swoon by Nina Malkin. Only a tidbit, mind. Blurbs give far too much away, in my opinion--sometimes as much as the first half of the book!

So for this reason I'm not watching any trailers of Catching Fire, and I'm not reading anyone's predictions. Adele posted hers the other day. I read one, felt my stomach flip over and immediately closed the browser.

I have the bizarre idea that a book will somehow be "spoiled" if I know too much about it. Which is why I am simply aghast at that curious breed of reader who reads the last page first.

This fear of mine, you might have guessed, often leads to a lot of disappointment. I've gotten all sorts of cues from the cover (spooky trees! bows and arrows! sumptuous medieval gowns!) and then the book doesn't follow through with its promises.

But better a book put down in disappointment than a fabulous book spoiled. (Do I need therapy??)


  1. Sometimes, I look forward to a book so much I can hardly bear to read it.
    Chocolate therapy is necessary.

  2. Oh god yes! I was like that with Hands and Teeth. I actually saved it as a treat for after I'd read other books that had been bought first. Delayed gratification is the definition of adulthood...