Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wordle you think about this?

Wordle: Lharmell

Rodden Lothskorn: Would you look at that. She'd have been better off calling it Rodden, not Lharmell.

Zeraphina Prestoral: [rolls eyes] You would think that. This book's about me, not you.

RL: Really? I don't see you anywhere.

ZP: There I am. Top right corner.

RL: [squints] Really?

ZP: There--there you numbskull. Just next to "get". Below "Lharmell".

RL: "Get" gets more of a mention than you. And "back". And "just".

ZP: I'm everywhere! It's all about me: my thoughts, my voice. That's what first person is.

RL: Seems you've been thinking about me a whole lot then! *Cough* obsessed *cough*.

ZP: That's Your Majesty to you. Lets see what else I've been thinking about. "Arrow", "pain", "blood". All things to do with Rodden.

RL: "Really" "good" "looking". Even more things to do with Rodden! I must say, I do like this game.

ZP: Oh, go jump of the battlements...


DON'T MAKE ME COME BACK THERE YOU TWO. I'll turn this car around and we'll go straight back to the castle if you can't play nice!

Author here. In all seriousness, I am the tiniest bit concerned that "back" and "like" appear so frequently. Hmmmm ... Overuse of simile?

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