Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you making fun of me Riz?

They are! They are making fun of us and our vampire-steampunk-loving ways! My brother posted these first two on my Facebook wall. Kudos to him for finding them. I can take a ribbing from my sibling with grace and humour. I really can. (Oh wait, I don't think I paid you out enough yet for that boater you bought, Dick Van Dyke. Hehe...)

Check out the inappropriately touching bear in the background!

Listen, I made up FIVE words in Lharmell. Not counting place names or people names. Surely five is OK!

And, for your amusement, a few more random things that have bee posted to my profile recently:

(Mini gripe: people who think Frankenstein is the monster. Frankenstein is the doctor who made the monster.)

icanhascheezburger.com got me through the swathes of rejections I received while querying. You can't be sad when you look at a Lolcat.

Who knew Venn diagrams could be so funny? Maths? Being funny?

Me, at a Halloween Jungle Safari party on Saturday night :D

And if you haven't watched this clip that was going around a few months ago PLEASE do, especially if you're a Buffy fan and still believe vampires make handy wooden stake-holders. (And then I promise I'll be done being mean to Edward Cullen for at least another day.)


  1. Is it sad that I think the story he's describing sounds kind of awesome?

  2. It sounds totally awesome! Also, I think he's drunk. See the bubbles by his head? An accurate portrayal of paranormal and steampunk authors...? Pass the brown paper bag, ploise!

  3. Oh man Buffy vs Edward NEVER gets old, EVER!

  4. I love the second Venn Diagram and that video is always good for a laugh!

  5. Questionable content is great webcomic. Yes, Jimbo is usually drunk. His usual style is Mills & Boon romance with a sprinkling of whatever weirdness he can come up with throughout.

    Those diagrams are awesome and the Buffy vs Edward video just never gets old.

  6. The comic strip was hilarious, as was the Buffy vs. Edward clip, which I had somehow never seen before.
    SO awesome! I love Buffy! :-)

  7. LOL - Love the comics, thanks for introducing them to me. and the venn diagrams are great just like wordles.

  8. I'd never seen that mash-up either - loved it! And the Venn diagrams. Genius!

  9. That bear is awesome!