Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dresses! Or, why don't I have anything to wear to work? Or, why November is going to be AWESOME!

I went shopping yesterday to celebrate Lharmell going out on submission to editors as of November 2 (one of the many reasons November is going to be awesome). I need to keep my minds off things somehow, so I did it by spending far too much money. This is what I got!

This little blue number has a cute black and gold belt in the shape of a butterfly.

I walk into shops and am immediately distracted by the shiny things. This dress is made entirely of sequins! I'm planning on wearing it to DJ Sasha on November 20. DJ Sasha=one of the many reasons why November is going to be awesome! Nnnce-nnnce...

Wore this slinky number out on Commercial Road last night when I was out with my boys. They, like you, got a show and tell over cocktails before we stepped out. (Could I sound like I've watched too many eps of SATC any more right now??)

This dress couldn't scream SPRING RACES any more could it? I have a wedding in two weeks, and you have to have a new dress for a wedding.

Frogs! Little green frogs! This is my birthday dinner dress. Found it in an op shop. My birthday is on Friday the thirteenth this month. Schpooky. See? November really couldn't get any better.

This one's vintage too!

I found this locket in the same oppy. Question: whose photo should I put in it? My boyfriend's, or Jareth the Goblin King's?

All these lovely dresses, and I'm still wearing the same black trousers to work that I was waitressing in four years ago!


  1. Love the locket. But since I'm just off a huge ass Top Model a thon, I say neither--put Iman's fine visage in! :D

  2. Hello. First congrats on the submissions! Well done!

    Those dresses look lovely, you should have bought seven though, one for every day!

    Definately Jareth :p

  3. My favorite's the one with the frogs.
    And that is one awesome locket! Definitely for the picture with Jareth. :-P

  4. Iman! Her and Bowie are just so cute together :)

    Jareth it is then. (Nobody tell the boy, shhhh....)

  5. The clothes are lovely - except that as a Dad I can't help but think that there's not enough material in any of them!

  6. dude.

    all the dresses are beyootiful

    im going to put up what i wore too...but really nothing is as beautiful as frogs.

  7. BITCH i cant believe you put me so far down on your new an improved blog list!!

    oh hang on
    thats a'ight

  8. I love the locket!

    "op shop"? Can you translate for this Canadian? ;)

    Lovely dresses - I love the frog one!!

  9. Love the locket and the sequin dress is made of win!

  10. Cat--Op shop is thrift store. We've got a sort of chain of them over here called Savers, which is like a big department store op shop. I get lost in there for hours!

  11. OMG. I was just scrolling down, taking in the awesomeness that is your new dress collection, and I was sort of like, "but those are...summer dresses..." and then on the second to last one, the realization hit. "She effing lives in the Southern Hemisphere! It's just going on SUMMER there!" And then the jealousy knew no bounds...

    Haha. I had a good laugh at myself. Enjoy the spoils! :)