Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awesome Pre-Order News and Recent Reads

Less than two weeks until Blood Song is released in Australia and New Zealand! I got the most exciting news from Zoe Walton, my publisher, this week: pre-orders by bookshops (and I'm assuming online retailers?) have gone so well that they've sold out and are already reprinting! With the bookshop climate the way it is, I find this pretty amazing. Big thanks to all my early reviewers who undoubtedly contributed to this!

I have a stack of guest posts to do for, among others, Inside a Dog and The Nile, so I must keep this short.

But I will say that I read Silvermay by James Moloney last week and it's amazing. Aussie (yay!) fantasy (yay yay!!) and a beautiful world and characters. It reminded me a lot of Fire by Kristen Cashore. Best of all it's the first of a trilogy. There were audible gasps as I was reading--very twisty-turny! Gorgeous cover too. I love all the silvery-purple layers.

And I finished All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield on Tuesday. Which is Aussie (yay!) but contemporary. But it's got a big crime aspect, and AMAZING writing, and I loved every minute of it. I have to say I identified a lot with Mim and her rules. I had similar rules myself growing up, though I didn't live in as down-trodden, drug-filled suburb as she did. Nor did I grow up in a crime family! The best non-spec-fic book I have read this year.


  1. it is incredible news. i really am excited :D

    and i am looking forward to reading the new moloney book myself :)

  2. Wonderful news! I'm so stocked that I was able to pre-order it internationally :D

    I need to check out the two titles you mention here as well, the few books I've read by Aussie writers have been amazing.

  3. Congrats, Rhiannon. I had the same wonderful news a few days after Wolfborn came out. I think paranormal is doing very well now. My review of your book is up on my blog, by the way. Go check it out.
    Vikki Wakefield came to our school, with Tim Pegler and Adrian Stirling. She showed the kids her art with all the characters. They were impressed.

  4. I've started reading Vikki Wakefield's book last night and I'm loving it :)