Saturday, August 13, 2011

DOLLY Magazine: My first print review

Not only have I been blown away by the amazing reviews I've been receiving around the blogosphere for Blood Song this month, but I was also rendered speechless by my first print review this week, in DOLLY magazine. For those overseas, DOLLY is a magazine for teenage girls, much like Seventeen in the US.

I picked up my copy on Thursday and I was instantly transported back to 1998: DOLLY, waterberry Australis and clinkers. Early high-school staples. I used to love the brightly coloured magazine and I swear to this day that the pages were scented. Did anyone else notice that?

Lucky me, the September issue is the school formal edition. Twelve or so years ago we had the formal editions too! And DOLLY Doctor. And is there still the DOLLY Model Comp these days?

 September edition of DOLLY, which is out now

 The review on the fourth-last page; top right of left side page. Notice what's on the next page? Video games. Nerd girls FTW!

 Close up of the review. More blurb than review, but so good to see it in print!

 Other bookish things in the mag:

Subscribe to DOLLY and win books! (Left) That's pretty awesome, hey? In my day it was apricot scrub or the like.

  The 80s and the 90s. LOL. It's funny to think of the nineties as retro, but 1990 was 20 years ago now. I finished primary school in 1996. Favourite things from the 90s featured here: the Spice Girls, JTT and TLC. Go kids of the 90s!
Oh yes. JTT is Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Of COURSE. 
Other favourite things from the 90s not featured here: Buffy, Friends and The Backstreet Boys.
I remember buying that issue of DOLLY with Pia on the cover. She won the Model Comp at 14 or 15 and caused a bit of a stir.

 A fashion shoot in a book store! How cute is that yellow dress? (Bottom right)

All in all, a pretty awesome feature for Blood Song to appear in. This is definitely a *proud author* moment. That, and making my mother cry last week. (Sorry, mum. Just when you thought you weren't going to!)


  1. Congratulations, Rhiannon! I have a memory of scented pages in teen magazines here in Norway as well but I'm thinking that was the issues that had some "scratch here" parfume add.

    I had a little problem with Fishpondword but now my pre-order of 'Blood Song' is official. May very well be the first copy ordered to Norway :)

  2. Very exciting Rhiannon! Congrats! Am so looking forward to getting my hands on Blood Song :)

  3. This copy of Dolly is VERY awesome. I also remember getting a lipgloss or something when you subscribed - a book pack is way cooler.

    Congrats on your first print review :)

  4. wOOT!

    that is such an awesome milestone.

    i still can hardly wait to see your book out in the wild (am buying a "real" copy asap :D)

  5. Congrats Rhiannon, that's phenomenal news! I love the slant towards books and video games in these issues - you're right about it being nothing but apricot body scrub (and cherry lipgloss) back in the day. But this stuff is much more exciting!

  6. I am so excited for you! Imagine having your name in print in a magazine you loved to read growing up.

    I am so, so, so, antsy to be able to order Bloodsong! I need to get it SOON or I fear I may combust!

  7. It's quite exciting to get into Dolly and Girlfriend. My book got into both - very short, but it's there. One of my students was reading her own copy in the library one day and said, "Miss! Look! Your novel is in Dolly!" Another student brought in her copy of Girlfriend when it appeared there. I colour copied both, of course. :-)

  8. Congrats Rhiannon, how excited you must be! This is so completely amazing!
    As soon as I can get my hands on a copy I'll have to read it too!